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Ends 30 September 2018
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Softcap: $5.4m
Hardcap: $22.125m

ECOMI ICO rating
We’re bringing Premium Licensed Digital Collectibles to the Blockchain
For the first time ever we can now own digital assets, thanks to blockchain technology. In our case, digital collectibles. At ECOMI, our vision is to create the leading platform for these collectible digital assets.
The Next Evolution of
Collectibles Has Arrived
ECOMI Collect is an app that allows users to buy, sell and trade premium licensed digital collectibles. Through the Collect app, users can browse a multitude of brands and view and purchase digital collectibles, becoming the official owner.  
Bring your
to Life...
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So How Does
It Work?
How do I buy digital collectibles? Where do I store them, how to I see them? Watch and find out!
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Collectibles Marketplace

Browse the marketplace and find your favorite premium licensed digital collectible releases

Social & Sharing

Ready for some 'Show and Tell'? Get community love and rewards when you share your collectibles and showrooms

Collectables Marketplace

With ECOMI Collect you can browse our licensed digital collectable and buy, sell or trade to your hearts content!

Social & Sharing

Looking to trade ECOMI (and other) collectables with your Friends? We've got you covered with easy trading and transfers

Augmented Reality (AR)

Collectibles are made to be seen! Bring your digital collectibles to life using your smartphone with ECOMI Collect AR


Challenge yourself and other collectors with ECOMI Collect games. With each success you can level up, and win!

ECOMI Welcomes the man behind Pokemon as Head of Licensing
You may not know him, but Alfred R. Kahn has had an enormous influence on many people's lives.
As a licensing executive, Kahn has spent more than 30 years distributing and promoting iconic brands, such as Cabbage Patch Kids, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Yu-Gi-Oh! He is also credited for the marketing and licensing programs for other iconic brands like Mario Bros., Zelda, Donkey Kong, James Bond, WWF, Polly Pocket and more.

The true highlight of Kahn’s career is that he is responsible for bringing Pokemon to the world. Kahn is the one who persuaded the company behind the "Pocket Monsters" card and Game Boy games to bring the franchise out of Japan and introduce it to the world, renamed as ‘Pokemon’.

With his vast experience in licensing and collectable brands, Kahn brings a very high calibre of expertise to Ecomi. Kahn’s role in Ecomi will see him covering areas such as licensing and acquisition,  marketing and execution.
Buy, Sell & Trade Collectables with OMI Tokens.
Introducing, ECOMI Collect - The world’s first platform offering licensed digital collectables, with real world ownership. Users can browse, purchase, trade and share digital collectables from their favourite brands. So how do you start collecting? Easy! First, download the ECOMI Collect app, then browse through the collectable categories and find a collectable you want to make your own. To buy ECOMI collectables you need some ‘OMI Tokens’. Complete the purchase, and you have become the new owner! All your collectables are kept your customisable Showroom, and you can even bring them to life with augmented reality! (see demo below)
Buy, Sell and Trade

With ECOMI Collect you can browse our licensed digital collectable and buy, sell or trade to your hearts content!

Peer-to-Peer Trading

Looking to trade ECOMI (and other) collectables with your Friends? We've got you covered with easy trading and transfers

Augmented Reality

Collectables are made to be seen, and that's why ECOMI Collect utilises Augmented Reality to bring digital collectables to life!


Imagine battling your one-of-a-kind  collectables with your friends! This is exactly what the future holds for ECOMI Collect

The Collectibles Industry Generates $200bn+ Per Annum
Collectible buyers are not a small group of people collecting stamps and coins. Over the decades collectibles have evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry spanning numerous fields.  Now, this huge global market is about to enter the digital realm, with ownership of digital collectibles recorded the on blockchain.
Toys & Collectibles
Digital Game Cards
Comic Books
Keep Your Collectibles, and Cryptocurrencies, Safe on the ECOMI Secure Wallet
Introducing, the Secure Wallet. The world’s first wireless, credit card-sized, cryptocurrency hardware wallet. The Secure Wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, with EOS, USDT and ERC20 support coming soon. The Secure Wallet will also securely store ECOMI Digital Collectibles (NFTs).
Token Stages & Allocations
The Token sale will happen in two stages, private presale and crowdsale:
Allocation:   137,500,000 OMI
Begins:   15th April 2018
Allocation:   362,500,000 OMI
Begins:   30th June 2018
ECOMI Utility Token
The ECOMI ecosystem is powered by the OMI Token. Using this utility token, users can purchase collectibles or pay for ECOMI services, such as Vault. ECOMI Customers and users have the option to either pay directly with OMI Tokens, or choose to stake their tokens, which grants them extra advantages for supporting the ECOMI network. Read more in our whitepaper
21 years in licensing and collectibles and a serial entrepreneur
David is a serial entrepreneur who got his start in 1997 when he first established Games R Us Ltd. (NZ). He transformed Star Wars and Star Trek memorabilia, as well as various vintage toys and comics, into an entertainment and hobby store for fellow collectors. Since then, Yu has been heavily involved in the licensing and retail industry, working with intellectual property, and transforming unique gaming, and collectible licenses into globally recognised brands. Yu recently received the 2016 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Taipei. His accolades also include finalist in the Ernst & Young New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004 and 2008, and 12th in the “2014 Deloitte NZ 50 Fastest Growing Companies.”
Daniel Crothers
Mikel Duffy
Joseph Janik
Head of hardware
Alfred Kahn
Head of Global Licensing
Arkit Vora
Secure Wallet Lead Developer
Nishanth Shankar
Full Stack Developer
Dhruv Dangi
Mobile Developer
Jeremy Su
Solidity Developer
Steven Connery
Solutions Architect
Rhys Skellern
Communications Manager
Fendi Thien
PR Coordinator
Oliver Finel
Community Manager
James Li
Licensing Manager
Howard Lin
Customer Service
Sean Liang
Sales Manager
Benn Godenzi
ICO Strategy
Founder of MB Tech and Co Founder of the Interoperabiltiy Alliance Benn has lead ICO strategy for projects such as Aion, Icon, Wanchain, Quarkchain, Fantom, Origo, Gochain and many more. Benn has brought many top tier projects to the cryptocurrency market and is considered one of the industries leading advisors.
Andrew Lee
Community Strategy
Founding Editor-in-Chief of Web3journal. Advisor to several top blockchain projects including ChromaWay, Metadium, Coinsuper, Resistance and QuarkChain.
Jonty Kelt
Founder, Fantail Ventures
Jonty is an investor in thirty early-stage companies out of his venture fund, Fantail Ventures and works at Silicon Valley based data and analytics firm Palantir Technologies. Previously, Jonty helped establish Macquarie Bank in New Zealand, co-founded a media business in China, co-founded technology businesses in the UK and USA and worked for DoubleClick and Google.
Hongbo Xu
Founder & CEO InnoHub
Hongbo is a serial entrepreneur, and has more than 25 years of experience in the TMT (technology, media, and telecom) industry with extensive experiences in strategic planning, product development, marketing and investments around the world in more than 8 countries. He sits on the China National BlockChain Standard committee and is a professor at South China University of Technology.
Michael Ou
Founder & CEO, CoolBitX
Founder and CEO of CoolBitX, a hardware wallet manufacturer since 2014. Michael has headed the work-to-date on the ECOMI One R&D. As an advisor to ECOMI Michael will play a crucial role in the manufacturing and creation of ECOMI One and other hardware devices.

Jeff Lander
Founder, Red Button Gaming (AR/VR)
Jeff is a game technology leader with a strong background in creating custom systems, engines, and teams for game projects. Focused on high end PC and console titles with an emphasis on character interaction and gameplay. Jeff is currently developing high quality character experiences in room space VR on the Vive and Oculus as well as AR technology and real-world gaming on mobile.
Kam Punia
Founder, Pixion Games
As TCG Manager, Kam Punia was pivotal in building Konami Northern Europe's TCG division helping is Yugioh become one of the most popular TCG's in several territories in both the hobby and mass market. Kam has been instrumental in forging relationships with games, creative and event led industries to build strong brand partnerships internationally.
Ward Stirrat
Ward is the co-founder and CMO of an exchange and integrated payment gateway accepting 300+ cryptocurrencies.Ward also has owned & continues to operate several companies ranging from small boutique communication & branding consultancies to larger sales & marketing companies with 100+ staff in Vancouver & Toronto.
Paul Adams
CEO EverEdge Global
Since embarking upon his technology commercialization career in the 1990s, Paul has worked with some of the world’s leading technology companies. He is renowned for his extensive understanding of intellectual property strategy as well as being a keen advocate for the concept that intangible assets are fundamental to corporate performance.
Ryan Donnelly
Ryan has over 10 years of corporate technology experience dealing with global companies such as eBay, Uber, AirBnB and Skyscanner. He specialises on scaling international start-up ventures within APAC and EMEA. Ryan's experience spans from boutique family-owned technology companies to public companies listed on the NYSE.
James Lu
IC & Biometrics Expert
James has over 20 years of Integrated circuitry & biometrics experience. Having advised the likes of Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo and Konica, he has a Masters in Science & Electrical Engineering (Digital Signal Processing) and holds 17 related patents. He was the former Director of listed company Pixart Imaging & EOSMEM Corporation
Rob Salkowitz
Pop Culture Opinion Leader
Rob Salkowitz is a consultant, author and educator specializing in the business of popular culture and the impact of new technology on business and society. A frequent speaker at pop culture events and media commentator, Rob is a contributor to FORBES, ICv2 and Publishers Weekly, and his work has appeared in dozens of publications worldwide.
Dan Khomenko
ICO Advisor / Exchange Consultant
Dan is a director of a large crypto consulting group "Platinum Listing", he is an exceptionally detailed, organized, and highly efficient business professional with long-standing and diverse experience throughout multiple industries and capacities. He worked for some of the largest financial organizations in the Asian Pacific Region for many years as a financial specialist and a project manager.
Tudor Clee
Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand
Tudor Clee is a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand. He has visited over 200 countries andterritories to expand his knowledge of geo politics and social development. In 2012 he created the Touchable EarthFoundation, developer of the first app where kids teach kids about the world, which has been awarded by the UN asthe best program to promote intercultural dialogue amongst children.
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